Meditation Reduces ADHD

Medical News Today - On ADHD and Transcendental Meditation®

“After three months, researchers found over 50 percent reduction in stress and anxiety and improvements in ADHD symptoms.”

Published studies have found that students with ADHD who practice the Transcendental Meditation technique showed significant reduction of ADHD symptoms within three to six months. —Current Issues in Education. Volume 10, 2008, Mind & Brain, The Journal of Psychiatry 2011; 2:(1). July 2011

Scientists attribute ADHD to a lag in the brain’s natural development. Cognitive learning expert Sarina Grosswald, EdD, has led pioneering research on ADHD and meditation. Dr. Grosswald explains that Transcendental Meditation works very differently from how the drugs work. “Meditation is not a quick fix. But, over time, TM® allows the brain to create the neural connections that correct the underlying problem. The drug is an immediate fix because it’s an amphetamine, but when it wears off, the problem remains—the lack of brain integration.” The TM technique is a cost-effective approach that can be a lifelong tool for managing ADHD and it’s many challenges.

The TM technique is easy to learn, requiring neither concentration or focus, and easy to practice. Published scientific research shows:

  • Increased brain processing
  • Heightened EEG coherence
  • Improved beta/theta ratios
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Increased verbal fluency
  • Improved academic performance

PBS report on ADHD and Meditation

“The studies are showing that these kids that are involved with TM are showing enhanced cognitive skills. They’re able to focus. Their able to pay attention and it lasts. Whereas when their ADHD medication wears off, they’ve got to start all over again.” Michelle Bernard—President and CEO, Woman’s Forum.

Students with ADHD practicing TM showed improvement on in executive function, indicating greater cognitive capability and self-control. Current Issues in Education 10(2), 2008.

Students with ADHD who learned TM displayed reduced stress, anxiety, and ADHD symptoms. Current Issues in Education 10(2), 2008.


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